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Time Capsule

Age Range: 8-15
Difficulty: Easy
Time Frame: Open

      One thing you should do at least once is to make a time capsule. We found this especially convenient when we moved and were transferring and sorting through our things. But you can do this at any other time as well. The concept is to bury a container of memorable objects that you and your kids can dig up 10-20 years later. If well thought of, the objects should bring nostalgia and a flood of memories that would be very rewarding and uplifting for everyone.

      Start with a small plastic container, preferrably air-tight, that you start filling with things that you no longer need, but want to keep. Especially think of these things in the light of being rediscovered 10-20 years later. Examples of things that would make a big impact are:

- old toys - especially the damaged ones that they no longer use, or ones that they have outgrown
- mementos of significant events in their life that are not good for display (i.e. the boards that they broke in karate class)
- memorable artwork and schoolwork that the kids made
- previous projects that you have done with the kids

      Make sure to put papers in another waterproof container like a ziplock bag as a secondary precaution in case over time the plastic container breaks.

      Take your time, you want to make careful decisions about what to include so that the experience will be very rewarding. Do not place objects that are forgettable as this will just dilute the experience, that being said, sometimes the most trivial things are the most important and most memorable. Don't place things that you would miss and want to look at since it would be hard to dig it up again.


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