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Ancient Stone Slab

Age Range: 2-12
Difficulty: Moderate
Time Frame: 2 Days
1) Illustration board
2) Pencil
3) Tissue paper
4) Small throw away toys & used cardboard materials and boxes
5) Brush
6) Glue
7) Sand

      Using a pencil, draw letters on the illustration board in greek-appearing font and preferably using words with hidden or humorous meanings for the family. Make a mixture of water and glue about 1:1. Glue wet, rolled up tissue paper to the outline of the letters raising it up. Decorate the rest of the illustration board with odd, cut out pieces of cardboard boxes and the small discarded toys.

      Put layers of tissue paper over the project, dabbing with the glue mixture to bring out the relief of the items and letters on the illustration board. Cover the entire surface of the project. Once the relief stands out, paint more glue on top of the project to make sure it is very wet, but not to the point of dripping. Pour sand over the entire project. Roll the sand on top of the project for 1 minute or so and then pour out the excess sand. Leave to dry overnight.

      Spray with a light coat of acrylic, and your ancient stone slab is ready for display.

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