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      We all want to spend some quality time with our kids. One of the obstacles to doing this, especially as our kids get older, is finding common ground where all of us are comfortable and where all of us can find enjoyment and fun. One of the best ways I have found to do this is to engage them in mini-projects that would be interesting not only for them but for me as well. Projects that are hands-on so that they can be more memorable, and projects that produce a lasting product if possible, so that there would be something tangible to remind us of the fun times spent together. The projects have to be new everytime so as to keep ideas fresh and unique. I find that the time spent together doing these projects make an indelible mark on the collective memory of the family. It is so rewarding when, upon coming upon one the the various items we produced, one my kids would remember and comment on their experiences making the item, and look forward to some other new project that may be on the horzon.

      It is because of this that I thought it important to put down my experiences so that they may be as rewarding for you as they were for me. I hope this page can be a one-stop location to get ideas. Feel free to modify them, or adjust any component to your unique needs and circumstance. The sources of these mini-projects were varied. Some of them I found through reading books, others online, some anecdotal from friends, etc...

      One helpful tidbit before we proceed, through the years, I have found it prudent to keep odds and ends that I find lying around in the house. This would include plastic containers from chinese takeout, metal containers from used up snacks, partf of broken toys, parts of broken furniture and appliances, etc.... Before throwing something into the trash, I usually take a mental step back and consider whether it may be of use for me later on. The items that I do decide to keep I place in a small box, while the empty containers get stacked on top of a shelf in the garage. Now when I have a project that needs something unique, I rummage through my collection and often save myself the money if would have cost me to buy the items I needed for the project.

      I hope these experiences would be as rewarding for you as they were for me. My kids and I are way from being done, I will continually be updating this collection as we continue to do similar projects in the future.

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