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Age Range: 2-12
Difficulty: Easy
Time Frame: 2 Days

      A very easy to do educational project for your kids. This creates a beautiful hanging that you can display on a corner of the house for other people to admire.

1) Balloon
2) Printouts of the planets in different corresponding sizes, 2 printouts per planet
3) Cardboard backing for the planets
4) Scissors
5) Glue
6) Masking Tape
7) String
8) Recyclable Paper
9) Poster Paint
10) Brushes
11) Clear Enamel Acrylic Spray

      Paste one copy of the planet printouts on one side of the cardboard and cut out the outline of the planets.

      Blow up the Balloon to slightly bigger than the size of the Jupiter printout and tie up the spout.

      Tie a string on the spout of the balloon so you can hang the project with.

      Tape a string on the other side of the balloon and on regular intervals in proper order, tape on the bare cardboard side of the planet cut outs with 1-2 inch intervals between.

      Paste the counterpart printout to the other side of the cardboard so you come up with cardboard cutouts that have pictures of the planets on both sides and that are not hanging on the baloon.

      Cut up the recyclable paper into strips and using glue, haphazardly glue pieces of paper to the baloon until it is completely covered. Paint the baloon red, orange and yellow to represent the sun. If you want, you can also spray some clear acrylic once this is dry to make it shiny and protect the poster paint.

      Hang the finished product.

Kid Project Cartoon

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