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Age Range: 2-8
Difficulty: Moderate
Time Frame: 2 Days
1) Balloon
2) Clay
4) Masking Tape
5) Poster Paint
6) Glue
7) White Paper for recycling
8) Brushes
9) Scissors
10) Rubber Bands
11) Decorative items - feathers, sticks, colored strings and paper

      Blow up the balloon to approximately equal the size and shape of the head of the child for whom the mask is for. Placing the baloon side by side with the child's head, mold some clay and stick it to the baloon to approximate the size and position of the child's eyes, nose, mouth, chin and ears. Secure the clay with masking tape.

      Cut up the recyclable papers into strips. Mix some water and glue and glue the paper strips on the balloon in a random manner covering the entire one face of the balloon up the ear and chin. Keep on gluing paper overlapping the previous ones until you make them at least 4-5 layers thick. Make sure to include decorative items on strategic places of the mask, esp the border of the mask. Set aside to dry overnight.

      Once the paper mache has hardened, let the child paint the mask as he/she wants to. Make sure to make them emphasize the eyes, mouth and nose. Once dry, pop the balloon, cut out the eyes, mouth and holes for the nose and ears. Put rubber bands on the ear holes for hanging the mask on the child's ear. Or alternatively, you can make the paper mache cover the entire top of the head so they can wear it like a cap.

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