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Egg Blowing

Age Range: 2-10
Difficulty: Easy
Time Frame: 1 hour

      Always a hit during easter. This project produces eggs that are not meant for the egg hunt at easter morning but are meant to create keepsakes that commemorate the occasion.

1) Eggs - approximately 2 per person (anything more than this is not practical and may cause too much dizziness)
2) Pin
3) Bowls
4) Poster Paint
5) Brush
6) Glue
7) Beads or other decorative materials
8) Acrylic Spray

      Make 2 small holes on both ends of the egg. One of them small (about 2 mm in diameter) and the other a little bigger (about 4 mm in diameter). First you poke a hole with the pin, I do this by holding the pin upright agains the table with the egg on top and tapping it against the table until the pin punctures the egg, then I enlarge the hole slowly my picking at the edges slowly with the pin. Once the hole is slightly bigger, insert the pin and use it to mix the contents of the egg as fas as you can

      Blow on the end with the small hole. Blow by holding the egg against your mouth with your lips making a seal around the end of the egg so that the pressure of blowing will be applied constantly through the small hole. Make sure there is no gap between the lips and the eggshell and make sure not to press too hard around the egg so as not to crush it, especially as it empties. Be patient. The egg will slowly pour out of the other open end, initially slowly, and then it will go out faster. The yolk usually will be the last to come out and it may require that you poke it again with the pin to puncture it to start it flowing out.

      Once the eggshell is empty have the kids paint and decorate the egg with poster paint, you can also use glue and beads. Leave to dry for several hrs.

      Spray with a coat of clear acrylic and leave to dry.

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